Best DJ headphones buying guide 2017


People nowadays are very upbeat about the music. They want to listen to music on the go. Youth is addicted to music and for that, they have gadgets like iPod, walkman and music players at their disposal. Part of listening to great music is due to headphones. Many companies compete in the race for providing the best quality earplugs to their customers. Dj headphones are especially getting popular because they not only look stylish but you can plug them into any device in order to enjoy great soundtracks.

Sony MDR-V700DJ DJ-Style Monitor Series Headphones

One of the most popular DJ headphones is MDR- V700 DJ of Sony. Sony makes some of the most technologically advanced products that also stand out in their design and shape. There are some of the top grade features due to which these headphones stand out from the rest. These headphones not only have studio quality but they also have reversible swivel Earcups. The earcups are very good for Dj’s who can listen to house music and cue the next track to be played at the same time.

MDR- V700 DJ headphones easily fit on the ears due to the wide molded headband. Besides, these headphones are exceptionally lightweight as well. The best advice that anyone can give you regarding these headphones is that they should be placed at a right distance from the ears in order to enjoy the best sound quality.

The fact that Sony has used gold plated plugs in the DJ headphones is what makes them more durable, this makes them resistive to corrosion. The best part about MDR- V700 DJ is that they can be portable if you want to carry them in a briefcase and you can also easily hang them wherever you like. The type of magnet used in this product is Neodymium. If you buy these headphones from Sony outlet or some other accredited shop then you will also be able to get one year warranty.

Sennheiser HD 205 Studio Monitor DJ Headphones w/ Swivel Ear Cup

Sennheiser HD 205 is one of the most popular headphones. These are popular because of two main reasons. One is their good specifications and second is the reasonable price. Sennheiser has taken good care to allow the users to take care of this product by providing the protective pouch with it. The best part is that this product is very convenient to use because you can not only easily rotate the earcups but the rest of the design of these headphones is also very flexible.

The product doesn’t weigh much. It weighs only 10.1 ounce which is not much. From Amazon, you can purchase new HD 205 headphones at a low price. You may also be able to get the product shipped to your own country and that too at a low freight cost. Buying online will help you purchase the product even below the list price. You can buy this type of Dj headphones at as low a price as $76.93. Sennheiser HD 205 Dj headphones can also be bought from online shops at a low price of $35.

Info about Shure SRH440 Professional Studio Headphones

These Dj headphones are compatible with almost all kinds of listening as well recording devices such as mixing consoles, Dj mixers and also headphone amplifiers.

The product has a closed back design which minimizes background noise hence allowing the listener to listen to refined sound quality. Shure SRH440 Professional Studio Headphones also come with best quality microphones. The best thing about buying headphones from Shure is that the company has been manufacturing the products for more than 80 years which makes them extremely trustworthy and one of the most accredited companies.

Skullcandy Hesh Headphones S6HEDZ-116

S6 HEDZ- 116 model of Skullcandy hush has become famous because of the sustained quality and top class features. The color and design of the product have also played a huge part in its success. This model of Dj headphones is generally available in blue and black color which makes them look stylish.

One of the most impressive specs of S6HEDZ-116 is its 50mm drivers which ensure that high-quality sound reaches your ears. It also includes soft leather touch ear pillows which make it extremely comfortable for the user to use the headphones.

Audio-Technica ATH-M50 DJ Headphones

ATH-M50 is perhaps the most exquisite model of headphones that the company has so far produced. One of the basic technical specs of ATH-M50 that deserves special mention here is its 45mm aperture of drivers. Neodymium magnetic system has also been incorporated into the headphones to make them as user-friendly as possible. The magnetic system is partly responsible for the highs and lows of the sound quality.



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